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Due to COVID protocols no group meetings are held at this time. Please check website for updates.

Here at the Green Door we believe in contributing as much as possible toward bringing harmony, health & balance to a planet constantly being depleted of its own health & vitality. We currently try pour best to provide healthy & cruelty free foods & beverages to nourish both the body & soul; of all customers but we still see a need for more pro active actions in order to compliment our current philosophy toward our Mother Earth,  hence the formation of ‘Green Door Advocates’, a social meeting place for actively minded advocates a place where we look at issues that impact aversely our planet & its inhabitants & find ways to promote compassionate supportive actions. Starting with two group focuses we will meet once weekly & discuss action campaigns, delegate responsibilities & pool skill sets in order to complete democratically focused weekly goals, out two groups are….

A.B.F.I.S.HAdvocates for Better Food In Schools & Hospitals


A.B.S.L.I.P – Advocates for Better Sustainable Living Integrated Practices

Lets take the first step toward being a part of something soulfully rewarding & ultimately beneficial to our planet & its innocent inhabitants.

What do I do ?  Good question! 

Email, leave a brief description of who you are, your occupation (or past occupation) skill sets, attributes & reason why you feel you would be a positive influence on the group, we will respond with time & date of our meetings here at the Green Door Cafe. 

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